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Kikkoman Builds Soy Sauce Brand in India

July 06, 2022

In February 2021, Kikkoman Corporation officially entered the Indian market with the establishment of its subsidiary in Mumbai, Kikkoman India Pvt. Ltd. (KID). This signals the start of Kikkoman’s challenge to present soy sauce as an everyday seasoning in India, which has a population of approximately 1.4 billion and vast potential in its consumer market. In its efforts to raise awareness and build an appreciation for Kikkoman Soy Sauce, during the past year KID has been running diverse strategic and collaborative promotional campaigns throughout the country.

Butter Soy Poached King Oyster Mushrooms, created in collaboration with Chef Vicky Ratnani
Kikkoman Jumbo Prawns, created in collaboration with Chef Vicky Ratnani
Chef Vicky Ratnani
Instagram live event
Chef Vicky Ratnani is a well-known celebrity chef with a TV cooking show who serves as one of the Kikkoman Soy Sauce brand ambassadors in India. Chef Ratnani live-streamed a special event on his Instagram to demonstrate the uses of soy sauce in cooking.
“Chefs Connect”
KID hosted “Chefs Connect” events in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, inviting food and beverage (F&B) professionals including chefs, food distributors and manufacturers, government officials and media. These events promoted networking among chefs and F&B professionals, while demonstrating the versatility of Kikkoman Soy Sauce beyond Japanese cuisine by exploring its use in global cuisines.
Soy sauce samples
A total of 15,000 bottles of Kikkoman Soy Sauce were distributed to restaurants and culinary schools in major cities throughout India. This program opened up opportunities for them to experience Kikkoman Soy Sauce directly.
Original recipes
In collaboration with prominent chefs in India, including Chef Ratnani, Chef Seefah Ketchaiyo and Chef Karan Bane (owners of Seefah restaurant, Mumbai), as well as Mr. Prashant Issar (who runs Ishaara restaurant, Mumbai), KID has created recipes that incorporate Kikkoman Soy Sauce in a range of culinary genres, including Indian cuisine. These recipes are posted on KID Instagram and include a wide variety of dishes and skill levels, from restaurant-worthy foods to easy-to-prepare meals intended for home cooking.

These and other KID promotional events are ongoing. The company continues to develop products suited to local tastes in their aim to popularize and thus expand the market for Kikkoman Soy Sauce in India.

Kikkoman Mushroom Khichadi, created in collaboration with Mr. Prashant Issar
Kikkoman Duck Mince Gilafi Kebab, created in collaboration with Mr. Prashant Issar

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