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Essential preparation tips & content upgrade

January 06, 2023

Cooking Basics: Preparing broad beans and cooking rice

The Kikkoman global website is home to the Cookbook webpage. Cookbook presents a wide variety of recipes, all enhanced by Kikkoman seasonings, including Kikkoman Soy Sauce. These dishes are easy to make at home and include healthy, low-sodium options.

In November 2022, Cookbook expanded its “Cooking Basics” section (located at bottom of webpage), which features preparation tips and how-to photos and videos. Preparation of ingredients is key to putting together delicious meals. “Cooking Basics” links users to culinary fundamentals, which include tips like vegetable cutting techniques and how to fillet fish. Updated content also describes how to properly prepare and handle meats, make dashi stock and cook rice. Each step is explained clearly with photos for easy understanding.

The latest Cookbook also includes these convenient features:

Recipe Search

For fast, “on-demand” recipe searches, users can choose their main ingredient preferences, type of dish (main, side, etc.), cooking method, calories, cooking time or sodium content. New search options include “mushrooms” and “meatless” for quick links to vegetarian recipes.

My Recipes

Users can save their favorite recipes by clicking on the “Add to My Recipes” button. It’s easy to create a personalized “recipe book” by collecting and organizing favorite dishes, all accessible with a quick click.


Jump back and forth between recipes and cooking terms in the Glossary, which provides descriptions and definitions of unique Japanese ingredients and seasonings. The Glossary also suggests various recipes related to ingredients or seasonings under the search feature.

Kikkoman continues to promote the international exchange of food culture through the spirit of our corporate slogan, seasoning your life, by creating delicious memories with recipes for everyday cooking.

Vol. 36

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