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Connecting with people worldwide through the joys of food

Welcome to the Kikkoman Corporation’s Cookbook!
Kikkoman is a food and seasonings company that began with soy sauce.
Seasonings become useful once they are used by someone to cook.
That is why recipes are very important to us.

Our corporate slogan is “seasoning your life”.

We hope that Kikkoman’s seasonings will be used by people around the world and that a joyful story will be created at each table.

How to use our Cookbook

On Cookbook we introduce recipes using Kikkoman’s seasonings ranging from Japanese food to cuisines from around the world.
In addition to recipes, Cookbook features “Cooking Basics”, for information on fundamental cooking techniques, and a “Glossary” of food terminology, for those who want to learn more.

Please use the “My Recipes” feature to save your favorite dishes to make again, and the “To support your cooking” page as a reference for food safety cautions.

Also find us on social media on the official Kikkoman Global Instagram account and YouTube channel.

We also provide a link to the recipe site for your country or area.
We recommend you visit here for detailed recipes using food and health-conscious new products.

We hope you enjoy Kikkoman recipes!