Glossary - Ingredients

Ganmodoki (Deep-Fried Tofu Mixed with Thinly Sliced Vegetables)


Fried side dish made of mashed tofu and chopped vegetables with a fluffy texture

What is ganmodoki?

Ganmodoki (deep-fried tofu mixed with thinly sliced vegetables, がんもどき in Japanese) is tofu drained of water then mixed with vegetables like carrots, burdock, and shiitake mushrooms, then all fried together. It is often found in Oden and other stews.

Nutrition facts

Contains vegetable proteins and a bunch of nutrients from soybeans like soy isoflavone and soy saponin, just like regular tofu. Also rich in calcium!

How to storage: not to waste the ingredient

Lasts around 2-5 days in the original packaging when refrigerated. Can also be frozen.


The name ganmodoki comes from the fact that the deep-fried tofu and vegetables here were made to taste like wild goose ("gan"), combined with the word imitation ("modoki"). That is what it is called in the Kanto region, but in the Kansai region it is named "hirosu" after a Portuguese dessert called filhó (sweet fried dough) that resembles ganmodoki. The Japanese characters for hirosu actually stand for flying dragon head.

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