Glossary - Seasonings

Ichimi-togarashi/Ground red chili pepper


Dried chili peppers finely ground into a spicy powder seasoning also called "ichimi"


A seasoning made purely from chili peppers used to spice up dishes. Goes great with Japanese dishes like udon or soba. "Ichimi-togarashi" (ground red chili pepper) is made entirely of red chili peppers, so it is much spicier than mixed seasonings including Japanese pepper like "shichimi-togarashi" (seven-spice chili pepper).


The spicy component in togarashi is capsaicin, which helps with blood flow and stimulates appetite. Also contains vitamins A, E, and C.


Store somewhere with low humidity. After opening, it will last roughly half a year as that is how long togarashi peppers maintain their flavor.


It is said that ichimi-togarashi arrived in Japan in the 16th century. It was valued not only as a spicy seasoning, but also as a preservative. There aren't many dishes in Japanese cuisine that are spicy, but ichimi-togarashi adds both flavor and a nice visual punch to meals.


Use in moderation as the spice in red chili peppers is strong, and can be harmful to your digestive tract if too much is consumed.

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