Glossary - Ingredients

Kanpyo/Dried gourd strips


Dried gourd strips made from calabash fruit. Popular in sushi and cooked salty-sweet


”Kanpyo" (dried gourd strips) are made by peeling long, thin strips from calabash fruits, then drying them. Rinse in water, rub in salt, then soak in boiling water until soft before cooking. Often used for sushi rolls, “chirashi sushi” (scattered sushi), stews, and other chopped dishes. When rehydrated, it weighs around 7 times as much as when dried.


Rich in dietary fibers, as well as calcium which boosts teeth and bone growth, magnesium which helps in calcium absorption, and potassium which aids in stabilizing blood pressure.


Refrigerate in an airtight container as it can grow mold with moisture. to preserve flavor.

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