Glossary - Ingredients

Kuwai / Arrowhead Tuber


In season between November and December. Arrowhead tubers (kuwai in Japanese) are an aquatic perennial plant. In Japan these are one of many celebratory and good-fortune bringing ingredients in traditional Japanese New Year’s cuisine (osechi ryori, an elaborate array of preserved foods presented in gorgeous, multilayered lacquered boxes), arrowhead tubers sprout easily and vigorously, and are regarded as a symbol of successful life and good luck in the future. There are 3 types of arrowhead tubers, blue, white and the Suita variety (produced in Suita City, Western Japan). However, the blue arrowhead tuber (shown here) is the most commonly available. These vegetables have a distinct mild bitterness.



The main component of arrowhead tubers is starch.

Connoisseur selection / storage

Select arrowhead tubers that are smooth with good color and that have budding fresh green sprouts. Place into a vegetable storage container in a refrigerator for best preservation.

Cooking tips

Arrowhead tubers are recommended as an ingredient in boiled dishes, as well as sliced thin and deep-fried to prepare arrowhead chips.

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