Food Forum
Vol. 32 No. 3  October 2018




Soba is sometimes eaten with a dipping sauce made with ground walnuts. This soba salad features greens and dried fruit as tasty variations to complement the walnuts. While perfect for vegans and vegetarians, if a heartier appetizer is desired, cooked chicken or pork slices may be added.


Appetizer serves 2-3

248 kcal Protein 9.3 g Fat 8.0 g (per serving)

  • Dried soba noodles, 120 g / 4 oz.
  • 1/2-1 t vegetable oil
  • 2 C of mixed watercress, rocket or wild arugula
  • 12 shelled walnuts, roasted and unsalted
  • 1-2 dried figs
  • 4 T soymilk
  • 1 T Kikkoman Soy Sauce
  • 1 T surigoma ground white sesame
  • Dill, Italian parsley or other fresh herbs, optional
  • About a dozen (1 T) dried cranberries or raisins, or both


  1. Break dried soba into halves and cook following package instructions. Drain, rinse with cold water and drain again.
  2. Sprinkle soba with vegetable oil and mix well.
  3. Pick off the soft tips of the watercress and set a few aside, along with 3 or 4 rocket leaves for garnish. The remaining greens will be mixed with the soba and the dressing.
  4. Coarsely chop 2 or 3 walnuts and set aside for garnish. Finely chop the remaining walnuts.
  5. Cut the figs into small pieces.
  6. Mix the ingredients for the dressing.
  7. Just before serving, place the soba, finely chopped walnuts, watercress, rocket and optional herbs in a bowl. Spoon all of the dressing into the bowl and mix.
  8. To serve, place the salad on a serving platter. Sprinkle the coarse-chopped walnut, figs and other dried fruit* over the salad. Garnish with watercress and rocket.

* Use only a modest amount of the dried fruit; more may be added depending on individual taste.

Recipe by Michiko Yamamoto

1 C (U.S. cup) = approx. 240 ml; 1 T = 15 ml; 1 t = 5 ml