Seasoning Effects

Kikkoman Soy Sauce, the All-Purpose Seasoning

The reason Kikkoman Soy Sauce is called an all-purpose seasoning is that it is a useful addition not only to Japanese cuisine, but also to all kinds of dishes. Whether used in food preparation, during cooking, or as the finishing touch to a dish, soy sauce significantly improves the flavor of food.

Let us take a look at the basic effects of soy sauce and some recommended seasoning suggestions.


Odor-Eliminating Effect


Sashimi is dipped in soy sauce not only to add the flavor of soy sauce to the raw fish, but also to mask its odor.

Heating Effect

When heated during frying or grilling, soy sauce produces an appealing aroma and rich color that stimulate the appetite. This effect occurs when grilling meat marinated with soy sauce or when adding soy sauce to cooked ingredients as a finishing touch.


Contrast Effect


Adding a drop of soy sauce to something sweet serves to bring out its sweetness: the original flavor of any ingredient is enhanced by adding soy sauce.

For Dipping!

A popular use of soy sauce is for dipping sushi and sashimi because it removes fishy odors—in fact, soy sauce is indispensable to these dishes. You might also try using it with other fish dishes.


For Marinades!


It has become popular in Western countries to use Kikkoman Soy Sauce as a marinade. Soy sauce gives foods an excellent flavor and aroma. Over an open fire, meat marinated with soy sauce produces a wonderful smell that stimulates the appetite. Use Kikkoman Soy Sauce as a marinade for fish and meat.

For Ice Cream!

Kikkoman Soy Sauce can enhance more than just savory foods. Try adding a few drops to vanilla ice cream. It will complement the flavor, adding a hint of caramel.


Use Traditionally Brewed Soy Sauce!


Non-brewed soy sauce has an unpleasant taste and synthetic aroma that mask the true characteristics of food ingredients, and will not provide the nuances of flavor to finish a dish. Whether added to a soup, stew, marinade, or dipping sauce, Kikkoman Soy Sauce will enhance the vibrant character of your culinary creations.

You will open the door to a whole new world of taste.