Bell peppers


In season during the months of June to August.
The bell pepper is a bell-shaped, large color-varied green pepper, commonly available in red, yellow and orange. Since the bell pepper was mainly imported from the Netherlands, it came to be called "paprika" in Japan, the Dutch word for "pepper".


Bell peppers contain a higher content of vitamin C and carotene in comparison to green peppers.

Connoisseur selection / storage

Select bell peppers that are shiny, with deep and even color. Avoid those that are dull, shriveled or pitted. Store in a vegetable storage container inside of a refrigerator.

Cooking Tips

Bell peppers are often used to add color to dishes. As they are thick-walled, do not have a strong odor and are sweet, bell peppers are well suited for use in stir-fried and deep-fried dishes as well as raw in salads.

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