Kikkoman Group Environmental Principles

Environmental Philosophy

The Kikkoman Group will respect the working of nature, and contribute to the realization of a society comfortable to live in through our corporate activities keeping harmony with the environment.

Established on 19 October 1992, revised on 10 May 2007.

Commentary of Environmental Philosophy

  1. 1“Respect for the working of nature” means: Kikkoman Group looks to create an atmosphere where human life fits harmoniously within the natural world.
  2. 2“Our Corporate activities keeping harmony with the environment” means: We will improve and develop our means of production and distribution to minimize our impact on the environment.
  3. 3“A society comfortable to live in” means: A society in which individuals are respected and emotional richness is valued within a healthy natural environment.

Action guidelines

The Kikkoman Group acts on the following guidelines with enthusiasm and creativity to achieve the goals of our Environmental Philosophy.

  1. 1Every one of us will aim to remain in harmony with the environment when performing our duties across all sectors (development, procurement, production, sales, and support).
  2. 2In addition to observing standard laws, we will formulate and observe our own company rules and regulations related to environmental protection.
  3. 3As responsible members of society, we will actively participate in efforts to preserve the environment in our local communities.
  4. 4We will study and deepen our understanding of the environment.
  5. 5We will think and act from a global point of view.