Environmental Management Promotion System

The Kikkoman Group has established, under its environmental philosophy, the General Environmental Preservation Committee as the supreme decision-making organ for the environmental activities of all member companies. The Committee, chaired by Kikkoman Corporation President and CEO and consisting of Officers with environment- related to responsibilities and the presidents of major Kikkoman Group member companies, will formulate, promote and supervise medium- and long-term environmental policies.

Under this General Environmental Preservation Committee, the Environmental Preservation Promotion Committee, consisting of managerial people and environmental administrators of the Group’s member companies, has been set up to promote environmental preservation activities from a Group-wise perspective. More concrete environmental preservation activities to be conducted under the directorship of this Promotion Committee are being planned and will be supervised by the Environmental Preservation Committee established in each of the companies and offices that have acquired ISO14001 certification.

In addition, the Kikkoman Group Environmental Managers Information Exchange Meeting consisting of employees responsible for the environment at major manufacturing Group companies in Japan has been set up. Through mutual information exchange among the members, the Meeting helps the whole Group to accumulate environment-related know-how and technologies, and enhances the Group’s capacity in responding to changes.

In this framework, the Kikkoman Group has been striving to improve its environmental management system by formulating policies and goals for environmental preservation activities from a Group-wise perspective, periodically reviewing the outcomes of activities, and organizing the system to help those in charge of environmental preservation to exchange information and interact among themselves.