Environmental Management Promotion System

At the Kikkoman Group, the CEO is the chief executive officer for the entire Group, and the Group Management Committee serves as a deliberative body for the CEO’s decision-making.

The Group has established the Sustainability Committee, chaired by the CEO. Based on the Group’s business strategy, the Group is advancing Companywide initiatives to solve social issues, including climate change. The members of the Sustainability Committee review social issues, including climate-related issues, and report them at meetings such as the Board of Directors.

Through the Environmental Conservation Management Committee, chaired by Kikkoman Corporation's Executive Corporate Officer and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), the Environmental Conservation Management Committee manages and shares the progress of each Group company and business site to achieve the Group's goals.

In addition, the Environmental Conservation Promotion Committee, which consists mainly of members who are responsible for environmental management at each site, promotes the sharing of detailed data and case studies.

In this way, the Kikkoman Group sets the targets and policies related to environmental conservation activities from the perspective of the entire Kikkoman Group. Based on this, we have established a system for exchanging information while regularly reviewing on-site responses, which leads to the improvement of our environmental management system.