Long-Term Environmental Vision

Protecting the natural environment for sustainability and food

Kikkoman Corporation has launched “Kikkoman Group Long-Term Environmental Vision” as our environmental vision for 2030. We will further promote environmental activities by setting categories, themes, and targets for a sustainable future.

Kikkoman Group Long-Term Environmental Vision

The Kikkoman Group believes that environmental preservation is a key part of practicing our Management Principles. We established an Environmental Philosophy based on this belief in 1992 and have since carried out activities under our Medium-Term Environmental Policy. In 2018, we launched “Global Vision 2030” as our new vision of the future for the Kikkoman Group. This vision expresses our stance on tackling social issues including environmental problems.

The Sustainable Development Goals adopted by UN in 2015 include those relating to water, energy, climate change, life below water and on land. Through our activities based on Long-Term Environmental Vision, we aim to contribute to achieving these SDGs.

Climate change

Climate change caused by an increased amount of greenhouse gas such as CO2 can lead to serious natural disasters. The Group will tackle climate change by decreasing more than 50% of CO2 emissions by 2030 compared with 2018. To achieve this target, we will work on programs such as process improvements, installing high energy efficient facilities, utilizing renewable energies, and innovations.

Food Environments

Rich nature is essential for our food and life. We are working to maintain food environment by preserving water environment and sustainable sourcing. We will reduce water consumption and do our best to purify when we return water to nature. We also work to source from sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly.

Natural Resources

In order to make smart use of precious resources, we will work to reduce food waste and development of environmentally friendly products. Our programs to reduce food loss and waste include reducing product disposal and improving Kikkoman's recycling rate. In addition, we will reduce petroleum derived raw materials used for packages and develop environmentally friendly products throughout our value chain from product development, production, to disposal after use.