Climate Change

“Global Vision 2030” expresses our vision of the future for the Kikkoman Group. It states our “goals” and strategies to achieve these by the year 2030, including our goal to “become a company whose presence in global society is ever more meaningful, through activities unique to Kikkoman.” We want to contribute to solving global issues, so that the company will be valued by people around the world.

In recent years, many places around the world have faced social issues such as health problems, water shortages, and flooding due to high temperatures and heatwaves. The damage from these issues has continued to grow. These types of abnormal weather are strongly related to climate change, and are social issues that threaten life, finance, and economic activity on a global scale. In light of this, climate change has been incorporated as one of the Sustainable Development Goals, and long-term goals have also been defined within the Paris Agreement.

Based on the long-term goals in the Paris Agreement, the Kikkoman Group is working to reduce CO₂ emissions, and seeking to realize net-zero CO₂ by 2050. To achieve this target, we are promoting initiatives to cut at least 30% of CO₂ emissions by 2030 compared with 2018, based on our Long-Term Environmental Vision. We will also update our medium- to long-term CO₂ emission reduction plans as appropriate in accordance with future technological innovations.

CO₂ emissions and reduction targets


*Net zero CO₂ emissions means to achieve an overall balance between CO₂ emissions produced and CO₂ emissions removed