How to cut vegetables

Random cut

Cucumbers - random cut

Cut off both ends, and rotate the cucumber as you chop from end to end.

Daikon radish - random cut

Peel the daikon radish and cut in half lengthwise, or cut into quarters lengthwise if large. From the edge, cut up irregularly into bite-size pieces.

Eggplants - random cut

Cut off the stem, and rotate the eggplant as you cut up from one end.

Carrots - random cut

Peel the carrot and chop into easy-to-eat pieces while turning. For thick carrots, first cut in half lengthwise. By placing the knife in approximately the center of the previous cut and then cutting, uniform-sized pieces can be achieved.

Green peppers - random cut

Place the knife diagonally on the round green pepper and cut it up irregularly. When the cut is close to the seeds, stand the green pepper up and cut in a manner to avoid the seeds so that you can neatly cut to the end.

Lotus root - random cut

Peel the skin and cut in half lengthwise, or cut in quarters lengthwise if thick. From the edge, cut irregularly into bite-sized pieces.

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