Chestnuts (kuri)


In season during the months of September and October.
Chestnuts (kuri) are grown locally spanning from the Tohoku Region all the way to the southernmost tip of Kyushu. Large-size chestnuts produced in the Tamba region of Kyoto Prefecture, know as Tamba Kuri (chestnuts) are high-end delicacies.


Chestnuts contain 40% carbohydrates, as well as minerals including potassium and phosphorus.

Connoisseur selection / storage

Choose nuts that are a lustrous brown in color and which are plump and firm due to ripeness. Place into a vegetable storage-use container and store in a refrigerator.

Cooking Tips

Boil or cook together with rice. Often made into yokan (sweet beans jelly), kanroni (chestnuts simmered in simple sweet sauce) and shibukawani (a dish of boiled astringent chestnut skin). This ingredient is essential in preparing kurikinton (mashed sweet potatoes with sweetened chestnuts), a traditional Japanese New Year’s dish.

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