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Dried Shiitake Mushrooms


Dried mushrooms native to Japan with a condensed, earthy flavor and aroma

What are dried shiitake mushrooms? 

Dried shiitake mushrooms (干ししいたけ in Japanese) are a preserved form of shiitake mushrooms. These mushrooms are native to Japan, and drying them out enhances the flavor and aroma. The earthy flavor is great for use in dashi, but these mushrooms are also great re-hydrated and used in stir-fries or stews. Re-hydration takes at a minimum 30 minutes to an hour.


There are two main varieties of shiitake mushrooms. The thicker "donko" variety, and the "koshin" variety which is more suitable to use in dashi.

Nutrition facts

The ergosterol in shiitake mushrooms converts into vitamin D, which the body normally obtains through sunshine. Vitamin D boosts bone density and even the immune system. Glutamic acid, the umami factor, also boosts metabolism and can fend off aging.

How to storage: not to waste the ingredient

Store unopened packages of dried shiitake mushrooms in a cool, dark place with low humidity. Once opened, avoid excess moisture absorption.

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