Glossary - Ingredients



As the bright and fresh green color of these soybeans makes them the perfect addition to any summertime menu, they can be mixed into cooked rice, added to stir-fry and sautés, mashed for use in dressings, and enjoyed in many different dishes.
In season from July to August.



Edamame are soybeans that are picked early, while they are still young and green. These young soybeans are abundant in calcium, carotene, and full of both vitamin B1 and C as well.

Connoisseur selection / storage

Select edamame that are plump, and bright green in color. In the case where still attached to a branch, those having fresh-looking leaves and that are dense with pods are of good quality. If you boil and freeze while still fresh, this freshness will be preserved during long-term storage in a freezer.

Cooking Tips

With their bright and fresh green color, edamame are the perfect ingredient for summer! Mix them into cooked rice, add into stir-fry and sautés, mash for use in dressings, and enjoy these soybeans in many different dishes.

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