Burdock root (gobo)


This typical fiber-rich vegetable should be soaked in vinegared water immediately after scraping the skin to prevent discoloration and remove bitterness. Burdock root has an appealing crunchiness.


- Burdock root has abundant dietary fiber and a unique texture.
- The inulin it contains improves kidney function.

Connoisseur selection / storage

- Because the skin of burdock root is fragrant, choose those that still have dirt on them instead of washed ones.
- Choose roots that are thinner, since they are less stringy and softer.
- Select straight roots with few fibrous roots and unblemished skin.
- Store at 15 C to 22 C (59 F to 72 F) to prevent from drying out.

Cooking Tips

- Parboiling with a little vinegar prevents the color from darkening.
- Since it goes well with oil, saute or fry for delicious meals.
- It tastes great simmered, too.

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