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Portable Gas Stove


A portable cooking stove that can be used outdoors or when cooking at the table like with nabe hot pot

What is portable gas stove?  

Portable gas stoves (カセットコンロ in Japanese) have one burner and are easy to carry. It uses gas cylinders containing butane or other LP gasses as a fuel source. It is useful when cooking in places without gas pipes or electrical outlets such as when enjoying "nabe" (refers to a variety of communal hot-pot meals) at the dinner table or barbecuing outdoors. The heat can be adjusted from low to high strength, and Japanese households use them quite often to enjoy sukiyaki and other simmered and grilled foods at home.

Portable gas stove cooking nabe on a dinner table.

How to use

Portable gas stove is perfect for cooking dishes like nabe dishes, yakiniku, or a variety of hot dishes, as you can cook while you eat on the table, simply by placing a different cookware on top of the stove. Outdoor cooking is also easy with a portable gas stove as it does not require charcoal.


Portable gas stoves can be used just like a regular stove top when you attach a gas cylinder, but if not used properly the cylinder may overheat and explode.
- Do not cover the burner with overly large pots or frying pans.
- Only use gas cylinders made for the burners.
- Do not use gridirons or griddles with asbestos or ceramics, ceramic plates, or other products that retain heat well.
- Do not use portable gas stoves near portable heaters.
- Do not use portable gas stoves on an induction cooktop.
Further, ensure you dispose of gas cylinders properly after they are empty. The leftover gas inside could potentially cause an explosion. If you hear a liquid swishing inside the cylinder when you shake it, there is still gas inside.

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