Glossary - Ingredients

Kinmedai/Splendid alfonsino


In season from winter to spring, the splendid alfonsino (kinmedai in Japanese, meaning golden eye snapper) is a deep-sea fish with large golden-eyes and bright red skin which give it a distinctive appearance. Sometimes confused with red sea bream and red snapper due to similarities in appearance, when served as sushi, splendid alfonsino has a texture and flavor that is entirely different from these other types of fish.



This deep-sea fish is a good source of protein, fat and minerals.

Connoisseur selection / storage

Select splendid alfonsino that is bright red in color with a nice sheen and plump (not soft to the touch). Store in a refrigerator and use up quickly.

Cooking tips

This is a fatty fish mild in flavor yet full of umami. It can be used in a wide variety of dishes from simmered, marinated in miso, and even deep-fried. Splendid alfonsino is also recommended for use in western and Chinese cuisine.

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