Grilled Pacific Saury in Yuzu-Flavored Sauce

Grilled Pacific Saury in Yuzu-Flavored Sauce

A magnificent matching of yuzu's citrus flavor and Pacific saury's umami.

Cooking time
15 minutes
  • Nutrition facts are for one serving.

Ingredients(Servings: 2)

Ingredients(Servings: 2)

(A)Marinade Sauce

3 Tbsp


  1. Remove the head from the Pacific saury fillets, remove the innards and chop up into bite-size chunks, wipe away excess moisture.
  2. Mix together (A) to prepare the marinade.
  3. Grill both sides of the Pacific saury until crisp and golden (about 7 minutes on the first-side, then 5-minutes on the other side after flipping).
  4. Place the fresh-off-the-grill Pacific saury into the marinade sauce from (2), and allow to soak up the flavor.

Cooking Basics

Pacific saury - removing innards

When preparing for use in boiled and other dishes, first remove the innards. After descaling, remove the head from just behind the pectoral fin. Place the tip of the knife into this opening, and scrape out the innards. Be sure to give a final rinse with water and dry off before using.


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