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Yuzu (also referred to as Japanese citrus fruits, Japanese citron, or yuzu citrus) are used mostly for their zest. Dried yuzu is sometimes used with spices, and its juice is added to various hotpot simmered dishes. Immature green yuzu fruits appear on the branches of yuzu trees between August and September, to become ripe around November and available through to February.



A good source of vitamin C, and the refreshing aroma and delicate sour flavor stimulates the appetite.

How to pick and store

Select those with bumpy and moist peels, and store in the refrigerator using a vegetable storage bag.


Gently peel off the thin yellow layer of the peel, and use in clear soups and other dishes as aromatic garnish. Add the freshly squeezed juice to ponzu sauces, dips and dressings. Yuzu can also be used to make delicious marmalade, candied fruit as well as fruit wine and liquor. The condiment of “Yuzu Pepper Paste” (“Yuzu Kosho” in Japanese) is made by combining yuzu peel with grated green chili peppers and salt.

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