Other intellectual property activities

Management of intellectual property

Intellectual property rights such as patent rights, etc. which were acquired regarding a technology as a result of research and development are important management assets of the Kikkoman Group. Management of intellectual property for the Kikkoman Group is being carried out in an integrated fashion by the Intellectual Property Department, Kikkoman Corporation.

Dispute measures

In order to avoid disputes with other companies, we, at Kikkoman Group, are carrying out continuous research from the phase of setting the R&D theme to commercialization, and are paying attention so that our technology or our product may not infringe the rights of other companies.
As of March 31, 2023, there were no lawsuits in Japan and overseas regarding intellectual properties.

Intellectual property licensing related activities

The Kikkoman Group considers that it is important to exclusively execute and use intellectual property owned by the Group. However, with regard to intellectual property which satisfies a given requirement, we are granting a license for execution and use by selecting a company that will be provided a license.
In addition, regarding intellectual property which is anticipated to contribute to the business of the Kikkoman Group, we may receive a license from other companies.