"Kikkoman hexagonal mark"

The history of the trademark registration for the "Kikkoman hexagonal mark" which is put on the main products of Kikkoman (soy sauce, Tsuyu (soy sauce soup base, etc.) is old and was registered already in 1912 in Japan.
Even in the recruitment brochure for "Trademark examiner" of the Japanese Patent Office, the "Kikkoman hexagonal mark" was introduced as one of the historic trademarks which was registered in the beginning of the 20th century and its right still persists as of today.


It is said that this mark was first used around 1820. Although at its foundation in 1917, Kikkoman was using multiple trademarks including this hexagonal mark. In 1940 the company unified the trademarks used nationwide to be the current Kikkoman hexagonal mark and it is used to the present day.

Today, the "Kikkoman hexagonal mark" is officially registered in 167 countries of the world including Japan and it is being filed for registration in 11 more countries (as of March 31, 2016).
We plan to file for registration of the "Hexagonal Mark" in each country of the world to improve as a global business in the future.