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Benishoga/Pickled red ginger

Pickled ginger dyed red with apricot vinegar


“Benishoga” (pickled red ginger) is a variety of Japanese pickled vegetables made from ginger, salt, apricot vinegar, and sugar, with the red coloring coming from the apricot vinegar. Apricot vinegar is an extract made from pickling apricots "umeboshi" in salt, and its red color is due to the addition of red perilla leaves. It is often served with sushi, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, and ramen as a side dish. Benishoga has a different taste from the sliced pickled ginger that is often served with sushi.


The spicy component contained in ginger, gingerol, has antibacterial properties and can also aid digestion and absorption of nutrients.


Place the benishoga with its pickling juice into a storage container then refrigerate to store.


Benishoga is said to have originated in Osaka, where benishoga sliced or chopped and fried with tempura batter is a favorite local food.

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