Ginger root (shoga)


This spice beckons appetites with its pungent flavor and aroma. Its slight sharpness helps to settle the digestive system. Select roots with taut, unwrinkled skin. Grated ginger, also available ready-made in a tube, can be used as a preseasoning or spice. As needle-thin slivers, ginger can be used as a garnish for simmered dishes, salads and soups. Sliced thin, it can be pickled or used to counteract strong-smelling meat and fish.


- The spicy, active component zingerone contained in ginger roots moderately stimulates the body to improve digestion, increases appetite, and activates the secretion of gastric juices.
-They also improve blood circulation and promote perspiration.
In addition, ginger roots have antibacterial and odor-eliminating properties.

How to pick and store

- Choose ginger roots that are unblemished, and has some shine and firmness.
To prevent drying, store in a vegetable storage bag in the refrigerator.


- For refreshingly spicy young ginger roots, pickle in sweet vinegar or slice and eat raw.
- Old ginger roots can be grated and diced for use in hot pot and fish dishes, sushi, sauces, and as a condiment.
Baby ginger roots can also be used as garnish for sashimi or a snack when drinking sake.

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