Glossary - Kitchen Tools

Donabe/Japanese clay pot


Porcelain pots made from the earth and used in Japanese cuisine


Hot pots with a high degree of thermal insulation that can be used on open flames. Aside from hot pot, they are also appropriate for cooking rice or preparing other steamed dishes. The heat from these pots is gently applied to the food, helping to pull out and maintain their delicious flavors.


"Donabe" (Japanese clay pots) saw wide-use starting in the Edo period (1603-1868). The spread of donabe pots was said to be the start of when people brought a charcoal brazier or hibachi into the dining room to enjoy hotpot meals.


A coating must be applied to the surface of the pot before first use. Fill the pot with water, then add a spoonful of cooked or uncooked rice and heat it until the rice becomes a paste, then cool the pot. Ensure you do not put an empty or wet pot on fire as it may break the pot.

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