Eel (unagi and anago)


Use the cooking method of seasoned grilling (kabayaki) to prepare ‘unadon’ (atop a bowl of steamed white rice) and ‘umakitamago’ (rolled eel omelet). Also recommended as a pickled dish after unseasoned (except for salt) grilling (shirayaki).
※Unagi eel are those found in freshwater and Anago eel are those found in saltwater.
The season for eel is from early summer (mid-May) through to the end of summer.


Highly abundant in vitamins, including vitamin A. Also have a high content of fatty acids including DHA, EPA.

Connoisseur selection / storage

Eel are sold grilled unseasoned (shirayaki, seasoned only with salt) and grilled with seasoning (kabayaki, seasoned with ‘tare’, a mixture of soy sauce, cooking sake, sugar and other seasonings). Eel that are plump and firm in texture are of good quality. Store in a refrigerator and use up quickly.

Cooking Tips

Recommended for rice accompanied dishes such as ‘unadon’ (atop a bowl of steamed white rice) as well as for ‘umakitamago’ (rolled eel omelet) and pickled dishes.

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