Glossary - Ingredients

Potato Starch / Katakuriko


Starch from potatoes used to thicken soups and sauces

What is potato starch?

Potato starch / katakuriko (片栗粉 in Japanese) is a starch made from potatoes, that is used to thicken soups and sauces. Dissolve potato starch in water then add this mixture to warm liquid to thicken the texture. Dusting meat or fish with potato starch before frying adds a delectable crunch.
When thickening, make sure to dissolve the starch in water before adding. Potato starch tends to clump and not completely dissolve when added directly.

 Nutrition facts

Potato starch is full of carbohydrates. It also contains small amounts of potassium and phosphorous.

How to storage: not to waste the ingredient

Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. When stored at room temperature the quality deteriorates rapidly, and it may grow mold or attract mites.


In Japan, potato starch is called "katakuriko" and originally was made from starch in bulbs of the "katakuri" dogtooth violet flower. Due to the lack of katakuri supply, potatoes have been used as a substitute.

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