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Nukigata Shape Cutter


Cooking tools for cutting ingredients into beautiful shapes like flowers

What are nukigata shape cutters?

Nukigata shape cutters (抜型 in Japanese) are cooking cutters used to cut vegetables, omelets, and other foods into desired shapes. They come in materials such as stainless steel, resin, and copper. Japanese nukigata often feature seasonal motifs like maple leaves, cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, and ginkgo leaves. They are used to cut vegetables, fish paste, jelly, and agar, adding decorative elements to dishes such as osechi ryori (the Japanese New Year’s feast) and nimono (simmered dishes).

Carrots cut with nukigata shape cutters in nimono (simmered dish)

How to use

For vegetables with a consistency similar to carrots, use the cutter on them while raw. For harder vegetables like pumpkins or potatoes, boil them first before using the shape cutters. Press them down onto thinly sliced ingredients to cut out clean shapes.

Cutting carrots with nukigata shape cutters

Substitute for nukigata shape cutter : when you don’t have it

Cookie cutters can also be used as substitutes, but they may not handle hard foods well. We recommend cooking hard ingredients until soft before cutting them.


Nukigata shape cutters are not only used for kaiseki ryori (Japan’s multi-course haute cuisine), osechi, and nimono, but also for children's bento boxes. Using these cutters can make vegetables more appealing to kids who may otherwise dislike them.


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