Glossary - Ingredients

Oboro tofu/Silken tofu curds


Soft tofu with coagulant added to soy milk, then scooped up before it hardens


Silken tofu that melts in your mouth with the sweetness of soybeans. Eaten often with simple seasonings like salt or soy sauce to better accentuate the flavors. The name "oboro tofu" (silken tofu curds) comes from the fact that it looks like the moon on a misty moonlit night ("oboro dzukiyo") in spring.


Rich in proteins from the main ingredient, soybeans. Also contains B vitamins and minerals.


Can store unopened for about one week in the refrigerator. However, freshness is important for tofu as the flavor will weaken each day it is not consumed. Please consume soon after purchasing.


Oboro tofu is said to have been eaten since the Edo period (1603-1868). It can also be made at home using pure soy milk and coagulant.


Oboro tofu will degrade in too much heat, so ensure you do not boil it too much when eating it hot.

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