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Shirasu/Semi-dried young sardines


Semi-dried little fish that add flavor when mixed into a variety of dishes


"Shirasu" (semi-dried young sardines) are young Japanese anchovies and Japanese pilchards boiled in salted water and then lightly dried. The name changes depending on the degree of dryness: "kamaage shirasu" is for shirasu that has about 80% water content, "shirasu hoshi" is for shirasu that has been dried in the sun and has about 70% water content, and “chirimenjako” is for shirasu that has about 50% water content. Great when mixed in pastas or rice, topped on salads or chopped seafood dishes. They are sometimes also called whitebait.


Aside from proteins, also rich in calcium which is good for making sturdy bones and vitamin D that aids in absorbing calcium. Do note that as they are boiled in salted water, they have a high salt content.


The texture changes depending on how much water content is in them, so putting them into an airtight container and storing in the refrigerator is recommended. Also it is pretty convenient freezing them separately and then using the amount you want when you need it.

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