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Chirimenjako/Dried young sardines


Dried little sardines that pack an umami punch and a satisfying crunch


"Chirimenjako" (dried young sardines) are young Japanese anchovies and Japanese pilchards boiled in salted water and then dried in the sun or using a machine. When the water content after drying is less than 50%, these dried sardines are called chirimenjako. Mix them with pasta or rice, or put them in salads, omelets, or even stir-fry.


Aside from proteins, also rich in calcium which is good for making sturdy bones and vitamin D that aids in absorbing calcium. Do note that as they are boiled in salted water, they have a high salt content.


Lasts one week in the refrigerator, and one month in the freezer. The low water content means it is not likely to change colors in the freezer, making it the ideal storage method.

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