How to prepare vegetables


Eggplants - removing the calyx

Make a shallow slit around the entire stem without cutting it off. Use your hand to start peeling off the calyx from this slit and remove in one motion all the way around. When grilling, simmering or deep-frying whole, the calyx is often removed.

Eggplants - removing lye

The high lye content of eggplants results in cut surfaces quickly turning brown. If cooked in this state the dish will become bitter and darkened in color. Place eggplants in water for about 10 minutes immediately after cutting to remove lye. If used right away after cutting it is not necessary to place the cut eggplant into water. It is easier to skip this step for deep-fried and stir-fried dishes, so be sure to use right away after cutting.

Eggplants - grilling and peeling the skin

Make a shallow slit lengthwise before grilling to avoid the skin bursting and to allow for faster grilling. Place the eggplant on a grill rack and turn over occasionally until it turns completely black, then place into ice water, and once cooled, peel the skin off lengthwise from under the stem.

Eggplants - peeling in a stripe pattern

Peel the skin in a vertical stripe pattern. This is more easily achieved by using a peeler. Not only will the eggplants cook faster and absorb more flavor, but they will also be more aesthetically appealing when served.

Eggplants - thinly sliced

Remove the stem of the eggplant. Then cut vertically into two, and slice thinly at an angle from end to end.

Eggplants - rounds

Remove the stem of the eggplant, and slice at consistent widths from end to end.

Eggplants - half-circle slices

Remove the stem from the eggplant. Then cut in half vertically, and slice cut-side down at consistent widths from end to end.

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