Glossary - Ingredients

Bean sprouts/Moyashi


Beans sprouted in a cool, dark place.  Characterized by their crunchy texture


A bean sprouting in a dark place with a crunchy texture and affordable price. Used as an ingredient in stir-fry, "aemono" (dressed dishes often made with fresh seasonal vegetables), ramen, and soups.  Japan's bean sprouts are from mung beans, and they are distinctive for its thickness and light flavor.


Contains potassium, which aids in preventing high blood pressure and reducing swelling.  Also contains calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C, and other nutrients.


The bean sprouts don't last for long, so make sure to consume them quickly after purchasing.  Store them in the coolest place in the refrigerator, as they will deteriorate in quality at higher temperatures.


Listed in a book of herbs with medical properties written during the Heian period (794-1185) as "moyashi," it's thought that they were previously used as a medicinal herb.  The beans sprout in a cool, dark place and have a characteristic crunchy texture.

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