Pork and Greens Yakisoba

Pork and Greens Yakisoba

The appetizing smell of soy and oyster sauce with fried noodles and vegetables.

Cooking time
15 minutes
  • Nutrition facts are for one serving.

Ingredients(Servings: 2)

Ingredients(Servings: 2)

100 g (3.5 oz)

100 g (3.5 oz)

30 g (1 oz)

2 packs

a dash

a dash


1.5 tbsp


1/2 tbsp


  1. Cut the pork into large, bite-size pieces. Rinse the bean sprouts. Cut the komatsuna into 3-4 cm strips, and the carrot into narrow strips.
  2. Warm up cooking oil in a fry pan, fry the pork and carrots. Lightly salt and pepper, add in beans sprouts and komatsuna stems and fry.
  3. Add in the Chinese noodles and 1-2 tbsp of water. When the noodles begin to become undone, season with (A). Add in the komatsuna leaves, quickly stir fry together.

Cooking Basics

Carrots - matchstick juliennes

Cut a peeled carrot into 4 to 5 cm (about 2 in.) pieces lengthwise, and slice each piece into 3 mm (0.1 in.) wide planks, gradually sliding and stacking the slices. Lastly julienne these into 3 mm (0.1 in.) width thin sticks.


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