Glossary - Ingredients

Myoga/Japanese ginger


It is a Japanese unique savory vegetable characterized by its crunchy texture and is a member of the ginger family


A well-known and loved leafy herb bud in Japan for many long years. With their distinctive aroma and bitterness, "myoga" (Japanese ginger) is usually minced and mixed with "katsuobushi" (small pieces of sliced dried bonito) or placed on tofu. When pickled in sweet vinegar, its pink color adds a splash of color to dishes as grilled fish.


Aside from potassium which is known to help with swelling, myoga also contain magnesium, vitamin E, and more nutrients. It is said that it even helps to ward off fatigue brought on by summer heat with the alpha pinene that gives myoga its distinctive aroma.


Wrap in a moist paper towel and place in a storage container to store in the refrigerator. To store for longer, cut into thin, easy-to-use slices before putting into the freezer. It is pretty convenient, and it will preserve the aroma and texture.


It is said that Japan is only place where myoga is used in their cuisine.

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