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Natto/Fermented soybeans


A traditional fermented Japanese soy food known for its unique stickiness


Soybeans fermented with natto bacteria after they've been softened up through boiling or steaming. Known for their distinctive ammonia aroma from breaking down proteins and the general stickiness when mixed. Natto/Fermented soybeans are great with carbohydrates like rice, bread, and noodles, as well as on its own as a side dish.


Though people tend to avoid natto due to its aroma, it is packed with nutrients. Contains calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins B2 & B6, all on top of the plentiful protein.


Must be stored in the refrigerator. Can be frozen if sealed in an airtight zip lock bag. Move to the refrigerator the day before use to slowly thaw and preserve the flavor and nutrients.


Natto bacteria is strong, and it's said that if any gets into a place with soybeans for making soy sauce, they'll all be natto soon enough.


The vitamin K contained in natto functions to negate some of the effects of blood clotting treatments or medicine, so ask your doctor about any potential side effects with your current medications.

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