Glossary - Ingredients





Originated in Africa. High in carotene, vitamin C, calcium and iron content. The characteristic mucilage (sticky mucous) of okra helps to regulate intestinal functioning. In the case of this mucous, the more you pound the okra plant the more effective the benefits of this mucilage become.

Connoisseur Selection / Storage

Select okra plants with pods that are deep green in color, and that have strongly pointed tips. Wrap in plastic wrap and store in a refrigerator.

Cooking Tips

Make the most of the okra`s five-point star shape by cutting it up into rounds, or cooking it as is. Perfect as boiled greens (seasoned with dashi or soy sauce), in cooked dishes or as a garnish.

Cooking Basics

Okra - removing fuzz

Cover the okra lightly in salt and rub all over gently to remove the fuzz. This will make the color more vivid and soften the texture as well.

Okra - removing the calyx

Insert a knife blade between the stem and the pod and then cut all around to remove the calyx.

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