Glossary - Ingredients

Sakura-Ebi / Tiny Dried Shrimps


Dried shrimp with a bright pink color, used as a topping in cooking

What is sakura-ebi? 

Sakura-ebi / tiny dried shrimps (桜えび in Japanene) are small shrimp that have been dried in their shells. As these are full of flavor, adding them can create delicious dashi (soup stock).  Sakura-ebi is a unique variety, not to be confused with small caridea shrimp or acetes shrimp.  It can also be used in "okonomi-yaki" batter or in deep-fried foods. The name sakura-ebi is after its color, the natural pink coloring is reminiscent of sakura cherry blossoms.

Nutrition facts

Aside from protein, these shrimp contain calcium which keeps bones and teeth healthy, copper which supports the absorption of iron and prevents anemia, and vitamin B12 which aids in lipid metabolism.

How to storage: not to waste the ingredient

Store in a location with low-humidity and good ventilation. Can be stored at room temperature, but the color and flavor will keep better if stored in an airtight container and either refrigerated or frozen.


The only place in Japan where this species of sakura-ebi can be found is in Suruga Bay, Shizuoka Prefecture. As a conservation measure, these shrimp can only be harvested during the spring and fall seasons.

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