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Large fish with pale pink flesh and a plain flavor, easy to use in cooking

What is swordfish?

Swordfish is a species of large fish with pale pink flesh that is eaten all around the world. It has a plain flavor, making it a perfect ingredient for a wide variety of dishes such as saute, meuniere, teriyaki, deep-fried, or even simmered in tomato sauce. The name for swordfish in Japanese (kajiki maguro) actually contains the word tuna (maguro). Like tuna, it is a large, migratory fish with good meat quality, which is said to be the origin of its name. Despite that, swordfish and tuna are completely separate species of fish and look totally different.

Swordfish and tuna

Nutrition facts

Swordfish are high in protein and low in fat. They are rich in vitamin D which helps promote calcium absorption, vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant, potassium which helps to get rid of excess sodium, and DHA which helps improve blood flow and support blood vessel health.

How to storage: not to waste the ingredient

Remove any surface water before wrapping in plastic wrap, being careful not to allow any air inside, then store in the refrigerator or freezer. Estimated storage time is approximately 2 days if refrigerated or approximately 2 weeks if frozen. Do not return swordfish to the freezer after defrosting.


Swordfish is said to be the fastest fish in the world. They swim at high speeds for long periods of time making swordfish meat rather lean and rich in imida peptide which aids in fatigue recovery.


Being a large fish, swordfish is likely to contain a high amount of mercury. Pregnant women should follow their local guidelines to consume an appropriate amount.

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