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Noodles made of wheat flour in a variety of thicknesses


Udon are Japanese noodles served cold or hot, in the same manner as soba noodles. Udon is also eaten with the leftover broth in nabe (hot pot) meals. In addition to dried noodles, udon is also sold fresh, boiled, or even frozen.


Udon contains carbohydrates and is a quick source of energy as it is easily digested. Many eat these noodles when they are feeling under the weather or when they want to get a boost of energy.


Dried udon can be kept at room temperature. Store in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate boiled udon to store. Store frozen udon in a freezer.


Udon noodles have been taken in different directions by the different regions of Japan, giving rise to the likes of Sanuki udon, Inaniwa udon, and Ise udon, with each region having their own firmness, texture, thickness, and even shape.

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