Japanese-Style Cabbage and Thinly Sliced Pork Stew

Japanese-Style Cabbage and Thinly Sliced Pork Stew

This recipe utilizes the sweet taste of cabbage for a delicious dish

Cooking time
25 minutes
  • Nutrition facts are for one serving.

Ingredients(Servings: 2)

Ingredients(Servings: 2)

1/4 head

1/2 bulb

a/4 stalk

100 g (3-1/2 oz.)

1/2 tsp


  1. Chop the cabbage into 7 to 8 cm (3 in.) cubes and thinly slice the core.  Cut the onion into wedges, cut the carrot into slender strips, and tear the trefoil into 5 cm (2 in.) lengths.
  2. Place the cabbage and onions in a pot and fill with plenty of water.  Salt the water and stir, then place over high heat.  When it comes to a boil, remove any foam that forms on the surface and stew over medium heat.
  3. When the vegetables become tender, add the carrots and then the pork slice by slice.
  4. Add the soy sauce and taste.  If desired, add salt and serve sprinkled with the trefoil.

Cooking Basics

Onions - wedge cut

Peel off the onion skin, cut in half lengthwise, then insert the knife in a v-shape on both sides to remove the stem. Insert the knife from the center of the cut surface and slice into equal-size wedges. This cutting method is used for curry and stew.

Carrots - matchstick juliennes

Cut a peeled carrot into 4 to 5 cm (about 2 in.) pieces lengthwise, and slice each piece into 3 mm (0.1 in.) wide planks, gradually sliding and stacking the slices. Lastly julienne these into 3 mm (0.1 in.) width thin sticks.


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