Mirin-Flavored Fig Compote

Mirin-Flavored Fig Compote

A pleasantly sweet treat flavored with the Japanese seasoning of mirin, a sweet liquor.

Cooking time
25 minutes+
  • Nutrition facts are for one serving.
  • Time to cool is not included in the cooking time.
  • Sodium 0 g indicates sodium content less than 40 mg.

Ingredients(Servings: 3)

Ingredients(Servings: 3)




150 ml (5.1 fl. oz.)

100 ml (3.4 fl. oz.)

100 g (3.5 oz.)


  1. Peel the figs and cover with the lemon juice. arrange these in a pot. Pour in the lemon juice as well, add in (A), cover with a lid made of parchment paper and gently boil for about 20 minutes (while removing any scum that forms and taking care not to scorch).
  2. Cool (1), with the simmered liquids.

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