How to prepare vegetables


Tomatoes - peeling

Since tomatoes are difficult to peel with a knife or peeler, use boiling water to peel. For this method the tomatoes are placed in boiling water to make peeling easy. First cut a cross into the center of the tomato, then place it into boiling water and the peel will pull away from the cut edges. Next remove the tomato from the boiling water into ice cold water and then use your hands to pull off the further loosened peel entirely.

Tomatoes - removing the seeds

Cut the tomato in half horizontally and then dig out the seeds with your fingers.

Tomatoes - rounds

Use the tip of the knife to remove the tomato stem, and slice at consistent widths from end to end.

Tomatoes - half-circle slices

Cut the tomato in half vertically. Then remove the stem, and slice cut-side down at consistent widths from end to end.

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