Glossary - Ingredients

Koyadofu/Freeze-dried tofu


Frozen then dried tofu, re-hydrate


Freeze-dried tofu originated in the Kamakura period (1185-1333) by freezing tofu then drying it out. The tofu will be 6 times heavier when re-hydrated, and it is often used for boiled dishes or sushi. It is said that monks in the Mt. Koya region ate a variety of freeze-dried tofu called "Koya tofu" in their vegetarian cuisine, which then spread to the rest of Japan from there.


Over half of the nutrients are vegetable proteins, plus plenty of calcium and iron. It is also quite good for digestion.


Store at room temperature when unopened. Refrigerating after opening is recommended.

Cooking Basics

Koyadofu - rehydrating

Soak in lukewarm water for about 20 minutes to rehydrate. Once the water has been thoroughly absorbed and the koyadofu has become soft and plump, use the palms of your hands to gently squeeze out excess water. Flavored koyadofu does not need to be rehydrated.

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