Glossary - Ingredients



An undersea mollusk used in takoyaki and stir-fry


A mollusk with 8 suction-cupped tentacles. It is used in a lot of dishes like takoyaki, stir-fry, chopped and sauced, or even raw as sashimi. Octopus skin turns red when boiled. Freshness is hard to maintain, so most is boiled before shipping.


Rich in vitamins like B2 and E, minerals like iron and zinc, as well as the amino acid taurine which boosts liver function.


Cut off each tentacle and freeze separately when not consuming immediately, which is also convenient in food preparation.


Earthenware pottery believed to be used as a tool to capture octopuses has been unearthed in 2,000 year old Japanese ruins. Japan accounts for about 60% of the octopus consumption around the world. Aside from Japan, Korea, Thailand, and the coasts along the Mediterranean Sea are the few other places that eat octopus.

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