Glossary - Ingredients

Satoimo/Japanese taro


In season from October through to January.



This mild-tasting tuber is mainly composed of starch but also contains a small amount of protein. The characteristic sliminess when peeled is said to be the result of polysaccharides bonding to the protein content. Taro is a common ingredient in boiled and deep-fried dishes.


Japanese taro (satoimo) do not do well in dry environments, so it is best to store covered in dirt. Also, try to select taro that are symmetric in shape, do not have bumps or cracks and which have moist peels. Refrigerators are too cold and are thus not suitable for storage. Try to store at temperatures around 15℃ (59℉).

Cooking Tips

Japanese taro are recommended for simmered and deep-fried dishes.

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