Glossary - Ingredients

Green beans


In season during the months of June to September.


Common green beans in Japan include the Kentucky Wonder, Dojo and Kinugasa varieties. Recently the large and flat Italian green beans (also known as Romano or flat beans) as well as the thin and delicate French filet beans (haricorts verts) have also become more widely available. For each variety, select those that are deep green in color and have smooth and tight skin. Avoid green beans that have a yellow-ish hue, wrinkled skin or black dots. Use up quickly after purchasing and be sure to store in a vegetable storage container within a refrigerator.

Cooking Tips

Boil to a vibrant green for dressed dishes. Green beans are a colorful and crunchy addition to boiled and stir-fried dishes. Easier to eat if chopped up or diagonally sliced.

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